About Us

Company Overview

A Legacy of Creating Shared Values.

ZHOUR traces its first beginnings more than two decades ago as a trading business predominantly in commodities. Over the years, the company has metamorphosed as per the needs of the market with an unwavering vision to become the leading distribution and marketing company of both Branded and Commodity products in Sudan and one of the largest in North Africa.

ZHOUR’s proud history reveals a solid foundation, continuous focus on innovation and expansion. With an extensive product range, ZHOUR’s reach has expanded over the years with a strong emphasis on building and selling brands.

ZHOUR’s portfolio of products are delivered in every corner of Sudan, which bears testimony to the company’s exhaustive knowledge and market expertise in Sudan. Being a true dignitary in marketing and distribution, ZHOUR aims to push boundaries by exploring and adding innovative and value-added branded products in its quest to not only satisfy consumers’ ever-changing habits and demands, but to raise the quality bar in a rapidly evolving market.


ZHOUR prides itself on its quality and performance. The sole vision of the company is to deliver products and services conforming to International standards and satisfying the requirements and the expectations of our customers in respect of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability.


Acting with pace, pride and passion, the company aims to become the supplier of choice, deliver premium products and services, and create value for our customers.

ZHOUR’s Quality Management System

ZHOUR is committed to offering the very best customer service, support, and overall value to our customers through high-quality products. Our Quality Management System (QMS) consists of procedures and work instructions to ensure product integrity, reliability, and on-time delivery to meet your specifications and requirements.

Our QMS supports our philosophy to deliver excellent value to our customers through a continued effort to improve our products and services. We are confident that the service and materials we offer will provide the solution required for your applications.

CMD’s Message

I find myself extremely privileged to share my experiences, reflections and extend my hands of welcome to all those who are a part and parcel of the company. All those who united together to bring ZHOUR where it stands today.

ZHOUR has emerged as a leading enterprise in Sudan in marketing and distribution of FMCG segment. Facing the new challenges and opportunities, ZHOUR is determined to enhance its business of marketing and distribution of international brands from food, Automobiles, textiles, home appliances, industrial chemicals, machineries and equipment and healthcare.

We pledge to harness the best talents to achieve our mission where every product we deliver to our customer will be a masterpiece of its kind.

With continued integrity, objectivity, independent thinking and disciplined commitment from our team, we work harder in the future and take the company to new strides.

Mr.Nazar Nasr

Chief Managing Director